Mexico Update

Hola from Chiapas, Mexico! We are currently in the sweet little mountain town of San Cristóbal de las Casas, and after a couple weeks here, we are excited to be heading to Oaxaca tonight. Today, March 1st, marks 6 months of being abroad for us! We are off to the region of Oaxaca on aContinue reading “Mexico Update”

Update from Colombia!

Hey everybody! We finally arrived in Colombia six days ago, after enduring a 25 hour journey. It’s crazy to think that just last week we were wandering the hustle and bustle of the Egyptian city of Cairo. Today, I (Shannon) write to you while relaxing in hammocks on a warm Columbia night, reggaeton music mixingContinue reading “Update from Colombia!”

Sorry for our lack of posting!! Where are we now?? Egypt!

Hey fam! It’s been a busy couple of months, and we’ve been soo bad about updating our page. So sorry about that. Our wifi has been spotty, and we’ve been on the go so much. After 6 weeks in Turkey, we have moved on to Egypt. We’re currently traveling with an amazing group of friendsContinue reading “Sorry for our lack of posting!! Where are we now?? Egypt!”

Fun Times in Fethiye

On one of our first days in Fethiye, we went joined some new friends on a jeep safari tour with Focus Tours. The tour was one of the most exciting days of our trip so far! It was a day full of water fights, visiting ruins, tubing down a gorgeous stream with an incredible viewContinue reading “Fun Times in Fethiye”

Must-See Historical Landmarks in Turkey

Ephesus Before departing on our hitchhiking adventure, we rented a car for a few days to check out some historical landmarks that were a bit out of the way of where we planned to travel while hitchhiking. There are buses that go to these destinations, as well, but we wanted to take our time andContinue reading “Must-See Historical Landmarks in Turkey”

The First Days of Our Adventure Down The Coast of Turkey

TURGETREIS We spent the first few days exploring Turgutreis. Julian has a friend who lives in this area and was eager to show us around, so we rented a motorbike and sped around the coastal mountains with some locals who showed us all kinds of cool swimming spots. The coastal town of Turgutreis in TurkeyContinue reading “The First Days of Our Adventure Down The Coast of Turkey”

Our Week in Istanbul, Turkey

Sorry for our lack of posts lately! We have had trouble finding decent Wifi lately, and have been so busy hopping from city to city that we have hardly had a moment to take time to write about our adventures. We spent most of our time in Istanbul eating and socializing with new friends, andContinue reading “Our Week in Istanbul, Turkey”

Our Last Night In Split: A “Trip” To The Museum of Illusions

Our last night in Split was full of magic. We decided to get high on mushrooms and take a walk around the Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace, an area we had gotten to know so well over the past three weeks. We listened to live music in the park as the mushrooms began to hit,Continue reading “Our Last Night In Split: A “Trip” To The Museum of Illusions”

The Palace of Diocletian and The Old Town of Split

The old town of Split, Croatia centers around the ancient and magnificent Palace of Diocletian. However this palace could easily be mistaken as a fort, since it encompasses nearly half of the old town. The palace began construction under the orders of Diocletian around 295 and was to serve as a retirement home for theContinue reading “The Palace of Diocletian and The Old Town of Split”

Our Week in Los Angeles

Before officially beginning our yearlong honeymoon, Julian and I spent a week in Los Angeles to visit my family before our departure. To be specific, we were staying in Redondo Beach, a nifty little beach town located in the South Bay of Los Angeles (just 15 minutes outside of LAX). Usually, when visiting LA together,Continue reading “Our Week in Los Angeles”