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Meet Shannon and Julian

Shannon and Julian Del Prince are a newlywed couple based out of Boulder, Colorado. The couple first met in a grocery store in Boulder at the end of the summer 2014. Julian became aware of the odd sensation of someone watching him as he strolled into Lucky’s Market, a small grocery store in his neighborhood. Thinking nothing of it he continued shopping and went to check out. Out of the corner of his eye he vaguely recognized the young woman whom he had argued with the week before, over the merits of the film adaptation of A Clockwork Orange. She had been intrigued by his t-shirt, an homage to one of her favorite bands, The Germs, so she closed down her cash register to come to where Julian was making a purchase and bag his groceries. They immediately hit it off talking about music, and later that week attended their first punk show together at a small DIY warehouse venue in Boulder. They shared their first kiss that first night, and began their run of wild adventures.

Their favorite pastimes as a couple involve running arm-in-arm through mosh pits, cooking gourmet food in tiny kitchens, lounging in hammocks, getting lost in nature, and indulging in new experiences.

Julian Del Prince, born and raised in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado, grew up exploring the local DIY punk music scene. After graduating high school and attending a couple years at different colleges around Colorado, he found himself feeling unfulfilled and yearning for something more. At age 20, Julian left his possessions behind to discover houseless life, as he began hitch hiking around the west. He immediately fell in love with traveling and continued to do so, on and off over the next 5 years. He traversed Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and Africa over those years as a solo traveler. This upcoming trip will be his first experience traveling with a partner and he couldn’t be more excited.

Shannon Del Prince, originally from Redondo Beach, California, spent her youth exploring the ins and outs of Los Angeles. She has resided in Boulder, Colorado for the past eight years, where she spent her time working in childcare, writing fiction, and performing as a burlesque dancer. She recently acquired her Bachelor’s Degree in English Writing at University of Colorado Denver, and plans to further pursue her career in writing and publishing after she returns from her yearlong honeymoon. Prior to living in Colorado, Shannon has spent several years living in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has also traveled around Europe, and to Peru. The small taste of travel she has had in her life has given her a hunger to see more of the world, and when she met Julian, she felt inspired by him to create an opportunity for herself to take a year off from her busy life to backpack around the world. Their honeymoon together will be her first official backpacking adventure.

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