A Quick Update While We Quarantine in Thailand

Hey everyone! As some of you may already know, we are finally in Thailand after being in Mexico City for 25 days! Today is our last full day of quarantine (we were required to stay for ten days total), and we are SO excited to go explore Thailand.

As usual, we will be practicing safe, hygienic, and conscious travel. Taking lots of precautions while traveling is so important these days. Even though the vaccine has been well-dispersed in our home country, the United States, other countries have not been as fortunate, so we can’t quite go back to normal traveling yet. It’s been such an eye-opening experience going to different countries during this pandemic and seeing the different ways it’s been handled by the local communities. We’ve definitely learned a lot over the past 9 months.

9 months. That’s how long we’ve been on our honeymoon now!! Can you believe it?! We’ve already been making preparations for our return back to the United States, such as securing a place to live and browsing job opportunities. As fun as it’s been living this life of freedom from obligations, we’re beginning to miss having some sort of a routine. We thought we would be dreading the idea of returning home, but in reality, we are so excited to be able to settle down into a new home, cook for ourselves (we miss cooking so so much), and integrate back into our community.

And now, I’ll answer the question that we are constantly bombarded with these days:

What has quarantine in Thailand been like?

Overall, it hasn’t been terrible. Being stuck in a hotel room for ten days isn’t really a fun situation. We were able to leave the room twice, to get COVID tests, but other than that, we are confined to one room (a spacious one, with a balcony, thank goodness). We spend our days trying to be as active as possible: doing yoga, exercising, and pacing the room. We meditate every day, which has been helping a lot with this quarantine process. We get three meals a day, which can be pretty mediocre sometimes since we are in the cheapest facility we could find. We’ve both been reading a lot, journaling, and doing our best to stay productive. Sometimes we watch whatever’s on TV, or we’ll stream Netflix on the small screens of our phones. There’s really not much else to do. We go to bed early because we run out of activities, and we wake up early because we’re always asleep before 10PM. Overall, this has been a much-needed break after we’ve been doing so much in Mexico, but the past few days, we’ve honestly felt a bit stir-crazy. We are so ready to be out of here tomorrow, and feeling so grateful we’ve been able to make it out to Thailand finally.

Being in quarantine since we got here, we obviously haven’t experienced much of Thailand yet, so we’ve had time to decompress and process all the adventures we had in Mexico City. We are so excited to return there someday! It’s such a lovely city, and we made so many wonderful friends while we were there.

I’ve mentioned before that blogging from a phone has been less than ideal, so rather than go into details, I’m just going to share some of our favorite photos from Mexico City. When I’m back in the US with my laptop, I promise I’ll share more about our experiences.

Keeping this short and sweet for now. I hope you enjoy the photos we have to share! Mexico City is so beautiful and vibrant and full of life. We will definitely be back someday.

Stay tuned for updates on our life in Thailand once we are out and about after quarantine! I’m sure there are many adventures that lie ahead for us.

xo The Bumbling Backpackers

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