April Update

Hey everyone! We’ve had such a busy month–sorry for the lack of posting!

Where are we now?

Mexico City! And we’ve been here for a few weeks now, actually. We meant to leave Mexico at the beginning of April, but alas, traveling these days is trickier than usual, so we are still here. But we’ve been enjoying ourselves thoroughly…Mexico City is a massive city with tons to do here. Even after three weeks here, we still have sights left to see! Tomorrow, we are headed to the Aztec pyramids of Teotihuacan– something we’ve been itching to see since the day we arrived here.

Where are we going next?

We originally intended on heading to Morocco on April 8th. We had flights booked, tattoo appointments made, and just as we were about to book our first hostel, our plans were forced to change. Our first flight, with a layover through Spain, was cancelled a week before our departure, due to new COVID restrictions.

So, we bought another flight, only to have that one cancelled days later, as well. We were so disappointed. We spent weeks daydreaming about our new adventures in Morocco, only to have our plans wiped out.

We spent the next week figuring out where to go next. After doing tons of research, we had our hearts set on heading to Pakistan. As we began the visa process, we realized this country was not feasible for us in these times. The visa, along with the retrieval of a Letter of Invitation, would cost us hundreds of dollars each. On top of this, Ramadan was about to begin, and as wonderful as it would be to experience this in an Islamic country, it can also make travel difficult. So, once again, we had to change plans.

In the end, things worked out for the best. We decided to head to Thailand a month earlier than we originally planned, and get the 10-day quarantine over with. We received our approval and Certificate of Entry today, our quarantine hotel is booked, and our flights have been purchased.

Our official departure is April 27th, and we have a 38-hour journey ahead of us. We are flying from Mexico City to New York City for a layover, then off to Dubai for an overnight layover before our final flight into Bangkok.

Photos from our lives these days

We’ve been having so much fun in Mexico, and you know what they say: time flies when you’re having fun! Can you believe we’ve been in this country for almost four months now?! Because we can hardly believe it. We’ve done so much in that time, and we are excited to share some photos of some of our favorite memories from Mexico.

Oaxaca City

March 21-31

Oaxaca City is such a vibrant city, full of art, music, and amazing food. The city is full of bright and colorful buildings, massive markets, and is home to some of the most delicious chocolate we’ve ever tasted. Oaxaca City is known for having a variety of mole sauces, a savory, chocolate-based sauce, and we definitely got our fill while we were here. But I’ll save the food photos for my next post.

I’ve decided to keep my ramblings short for now, since I’m so behind on updating all of you. Since we’re doing all our blogging from our phones, we figured it would be easier to do in-depth articles about each destination once we return home and have access to our laptops again.

San Jose del Pacifico

March 15-March 21

We spent about a week in San Jose del Pacifico, a sweet little mountain town in the region of Oaxaca. This town was so welcoming, and provided a much needed break from the heat after spending so much time on the warm coasts of Oaxaca. Since it’s located at a pretty high altitude, it was cold enough for us to need a fireplace every night in our room!

San Jose is unique because it is the only city in Mexico where you can legally buy psylocybin mushrooms. In fact, it’s actually a large part of the local culture in this town, and most restaurants, stores, and accomodations are mushroom-themed. There’s tons of cool mushroom murals and souvenirs here, and of course, you can find mushrooms, as well.

We hear it’s better to visit during the summer after the rainy season, because when we went, there wasn’t a huge supply of mushrooms available, and the ones we purchased weren’t very strong. It costs 500 pesos ($25USD) for 2.5 grams, and we bought a bag for each of us. They were a bit disappointing because they weren’t very strong, but it was a great experience to be able to wander around the forest and hang out in our dome with a nice psychedelic buzz.

Our favorite part about being in San Jose del Pacifico was our unique accommodations. Through the hostel La Cumbre, we were able to book a dome in the forest to stay in while we were here. Domo Duende, shown in the photos, was one of the quirkiest places we’ve ever stayed. It was a spacious room inside of a dome, featuring a fireplace, a private bathroom, and a giant geometric window that gave the room plenty of sunlight. We had our own private balcony overlooking the forest, and our entire stay in Domo Duende was very magical.

Mazunte and Zipolite

March 8-March 15

Mazunte and Zipolite are two little beach towns just down the coast from Puerto Escondido. These towns both have the ultimate hippie beach town vibe, and are really great places to visit if you’re trying to relax and get some sun.

We only spent about three days in Mazunte, most of that time on the beach, so we didn’t take many photos here. The beach in Mazunte is great for swimming and the weather was so warm when we were there, we spent hours in the water everyday. Our hostel was on a cliff side overlooking the ocean, so we were a short walk away from the beach.

After spending a few days in Mazunte, we hitchhiked over to Zipolite, a beach town famous for its nude beach and easy-going vibes. We spent all day every day on the beach here, sunning our bums and playing in the waves. Neither of us had ever been to a nude beach before, so it was a really cool experience to be able to wander around in our birthday suits. We stayed in a cabaña steps from the beach, so we were able to  fall asleep to the peaceful sound of ocean waves each night.

Puerto Escondido

March 2-March 15

Puerto Escondido had some of the best beaches, and the best sunsets. We rented a motorcycle almost every day we were here so we could spend our days beach-hopping and exploring. Most of our time here was spent on the beach, and we would frequently end our days with a bottle of wine as we watched the sunset.

One of our favorite experiences in Puerto Escondido was helping release baby sea turtles into the ocean.

Did you know the survival rate of baby sea turtles is only 1 in 1,000? Many of them die from dehydration trying to reach the sea, or fall into a hole in the sand, or are caught by a predator before they reach the water. In more populated areas, they often become entangled in garbage left behind by careless humans. All over the world, conservation organizations are making efforts to help increase the population of sea turtles by making sure these little dudes get to the ocean safely. We visited a sea turtle nesting area where all turtle eggs are marked and accounted for, then when they are hatched, they are brought to edge of the sea. If any birds come near, wet sand is thrown in the air to scare them away. We were feeling so blessed to be able to witness this beautiful moment, and to be able to partake in helping these baby turtles make it to their new home.

Thanks for checking in and reading our update! Like I said earlier, I’ll write more in-depth articles once we return home in the fall, so for now, enjoy these little memories we have to share. I hope you enjoyed this mini-update on our lives.

We can’t believe we’re leaving Mexico soon after four months here, and we can’t wait to share our upcoming adventures in Thailand!

xoxo Shannon

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