Our 6 Favorite Hostels in Colombia (in no particular order)

Colombia is home to some of the coolest hostels we’ve ever been to! We’ve traveled around this country for over a month, and loved every moment of it. The hostels in this country are unique, and often geared towards adventure-seekers. Out of the 40+ countries we’ve visited, Colombia takes the cake for having the most unique accommodations for low-budget travelers.

If you ever find yourself in this beautiful country, be sure to check out these amazing hostels! You won’t be disappointed. Colombia has so much to offer for backpackers and travellers.

  • La Pacha Hostel in San Gil

Follow this path into the wilderness, and you will be treated to a spectacularly lush hike to La Pacha hostel. The path is lined with coffee plants and flowers, and we saw dozens of colorful butterflies on our way. We felt as if we were entering a blissful, mystical sanctuary, and that’s exactly what we got when we arrived at La Pacha.

La Pacha has so much to offer, and we wished we could have spent at least a week here (we had to leave earlier than we hoped due to prior reservations in another city). The property features some of the most astounding views we’ve ever seen while in Colombia. They have a large sky hammock that’s perfect to lay on and enjoy the view while sunbathing, an old bus converted into a super hip hangout spot, several fire pits, and a WiFi zone!

One of our favorite parts of our hostel is their zero-waste policy. They recycle all waste up here, and even have eco-friendly bathrooms! All human waste is used as compost, so instead of a regular flushing system, you cover your waste with sawdust. Scope this amazing view you get while using the open-air toilet!

The private yurt we stayed in at La Pacha Hostel

Once you’re up at the hostel, there’s no need to ever leave the property. The family who owns the hostel cooks scrumptious meals for affordable prices. We ate the most delicious curries and arepas during our stay here, and they have a wonderful selection of breakfast options as well. The community-style dining area at La Pacha is also fantastic for meeting people. We ate all our meals with Andrea and Justin, who run the hostel, and they were incredibly welcoming to us.

The weather can be pretty hot and humid in the region of San Gil, but La Pacha has a beautiful natural pool that’s perfect for cooling off in. We were definitely sweating after the hike up to the hostel, so this pool was a lifesaver. Anytime a hostel has a pool we consider it a treat, but a pool in nature is a whole new level of luxury.

The natural swimming pool at La Pacha
Our favorite part: the best sky hammock we’ve ever seen!

The accommodations themselves are inside of beautiful yurts, and definitely have a glamping feel. We stayed in a little dome that had a dirt floor, but was nicely furnished with a comfortable bed, a mosquito net, shelves, and a couple of solar-powered lanterns. Outside of our room were some of the sweetest goats we’ve ever met, and there’s even a couple of friendly dogs that roam the property. La Pacha is truly a wonderful escape to nature, and has the most serene, mystical vibes we’ve ever experienced while in San Gil.


This beautiful family-owned hostel is tucked away in the mountains near San Gil, a small town full of adventurous activities and nature. To get to this hostel, you can take a taxi the entire way from the San Gil city center, but if you’re on a budget like we are, you can take a bus then walk the rest of the way.

If you decide to go by bus, be prepared for a hike! A beautiful hike, for sure, but easier if you have a backpack (could be rough if you’re dragging a suitcase). Take a bus towards Barichara and have the driver drop you off at Mi Kiosko (not positive about the name, but once you make a reservation they’ll let you know the details). From there, walk down a dirt road and you’ll soon see wooden painted signs pointing you in the direction of La Pacha.

  • Casa Loma in Minca

Casa Loma is a magical escape from reality, but it’s not easy getting here! Depending on how fast you hike, it’s a 10-15 minute walk up a rocky staircase in the forest, but it’s SO incredibly worth it. If you’re not travelling light, ask a hostel in town to keep your bags for a day and just bring a day pack. We had to take a couple breaks while carrying our backpacks up, but it’s a piece of cake going up and down without them to go get food. If you don’t feel like making the trek for meals, the hostel also has an wonderful restaurant with a great variety of vegetarian food and plenty of beverages.

Most hostels in Minca don’t provide WiFi, so be prepared for a relaxing getaway and a chance to unplug and reconnect with nature. There isn’t a lot to do up on the property other than hang out, so be sure to bring some things to keep yourself occupied. We spent a lot of time playing cards, reading books, and focusing on creative self-expression.

If it’s within your budget, splurge and get the private room that features the private balcony. We are on a pretty tight budget and managed to do this, and it was so worth it. This room comes with the best view on the whole property, and has an awesome couch setup on the balcony to hang out on. There’s also a sweet cat who chilled on the couch day and night, and we loved the company.

We spent so much time gazing out at the unreal views, and also got a chance to delve into some creative endeavors like drawing, origami, and journaling. This hostel definitely provided us tons of creative inspiration, and it was so energizing to be able to retreat to the mountains for a few days.

  • Casas Viajes in Minca
The beautiful Casas Viajes

The journey to Casas Viajes is an adventure in itself. The hostel is located up in the mountains, and it’s about a 30 minute drive up a bumpy dirt road. You can take a jeep taxi to get there, but if you’re feeling adventurous, and you only have a backpack with you, take the moto-taxi! It’s a wild ride up a windy mud road, through a stream, and past a coffee farm into the wilderness.

The hostel is tucked away in a warm, tropical forest full of wildlife and bugs, so bring plenty of bug spray! There’s no way to get to a market or restaurants once you’re up there unless you catch a ride down, but the hostel’s restaurant is affordable and absolutely delicious. As low-budget travelers, we were able to afford eating there the entire time, and they serve amazing traditional Colombian food.

a classes, guided hikes, coffee tours, and features an incredible infinity pool overlooking the mountain. There’s also tons of wilderness to explore on your own near the property, and even a wonderful lookout point to watch the sunset nearby.

The infinity pool has unreal views

Casas Viajas also offers fantastic views while using the bathroom or showering. Only in Colombia have we found hostels that provide such magical scenery while utilizing the toilets.

As I mentioned before, most hostels in Minca don’t have WiFi, so be prepared to be blissfully disconnected from the world once you’re up here! We spent lots of time bonding while playing cards, reading books, journaling, doing origami, and of course, chilling poolside.

If we ever come back to Minca, we will definitely be back here, and hopefully will be able to stay for at least a week, because the three days we spent here were simply not enough. We were so sad to leave!

The weather could be pretty cloudy up here, but don’t let that fool you! It’s very hot and humid in Minca so splashing around in the pool is necessary.
  • Los Patios in Medellìn
The view from the rooftop of Los Patios. In the lower left corner, you can see one of the rooftop bars belonging to the hostel.

We were having so much fun while at Los Patios, we somehow managed to not get any photos of the hostel itself. Thank goodness we had our friend Trey in town, and he snagged a photo of the inside and of the rooftop view. But we don’t like Los Patios for the looks…it’s the fun vibes of this hostel that made it so memorable.

This hostel has such nice, clean, modern facilities, it feels more like a hotel than a traveller’s hostel. There’s cool areas to hangout, great rooftop bars, and multiple kitchen facilities that are spacious enough for several people to cook at once. Guests have access to free Colombian coffee, and they even provide bike rentals for those who are interested. The hangout rooms also have computers, video game systems, exercise equipment, guitars, and a pool table.

During our stay here, we loved hanging out on the rooftop bars and socializing with other travellers. We spent New Years Eve here at the rooftop bar, and got to witness the entire city of Medellìn lighting off fireworks when midnight hit. On New Years Day, we learned that the whole city was going into lockdown for three days and we would be stuck at the hostel, but we didn’t mind at all. Ordering food for delivery is very affordable in Colombia through Rappi, so there wasn’t much of a reason to leave. We never found ourselves bored while hanging out at Los Patios.

  • Yambolombia in Salento
The colorful hostel Yambolumbia in the mountains of Colombia

Yambolombia is a hidden gem of a hostel located in the mountain town of Salento. The hostel itself is located outside the town itself, tucked away amongst the coffee farms of this region. To get here, you have to take one of the town’s jeep taxis about ten minutes down a dirt road. It’s a fun ride, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can stand on the back bumper of the Jeep to enjoy the amazing mountain views, but be prepared for a bumpy ride and hold on tight!

A fresh harvest of coffee beans being prepared to be roasted!

The hostel is owned by a super sweet couple who cook amazing vegan baked goods and will serve you some of the most delicious coffee you’ll ever have. The coffee is grown on the property, so it’s super fresh and very flavorful.

The property itself has so much to offer. There’s a fire pit overlooking the mountains, and if you have a bonfire on a clear night, you can see thousands of stars. If you’re into yoga, there are yoga classes offered, as well. There’s two friendly dogs and a beautiful horse that roam the property, which add to the homey vibe of this place. It really feels like a nature retreat here, and it was such a wonderful getaway for us.

Our favorite part of this hostel was how colorful it is. There’s amazing art all over the inside, and the couple who runs the hostel makes colorful clothing and even face masks that you can purchase of you’re interested. We were even gifted bracelets as we were leaving, which really warmed our hearts. We hope to come back to this hostel someday. Staying here was so refreshing. The vibes are absolutely rejuvenating.

  • Dreamers Hostel in Palomino

We absolutely loved our time at Dreamers Hostel! The staff is incredibly friendly, and the property is amazing for hanging out and relaxing. The location is right next to the beach, and in a vibrant area of Palomino where you can check out tons of local art and amazing food. It’s common to see artists selling handmade jewelry and art from stands on the side of the dirt road.

Palomino is a really hot and humid town, so to be honest with you, we spent 90% of our time swimming in the pool. The other 10% was spent playing cards and drinking beers while using the pool table located at the hostel bar. The hostel has really affordable and delicious food, so we very rarely left the property. Dreamers Hostel has so much to offer if you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind. There’s hammocks if you want to lounge around, and plenty of poolside lounge chairs if you want to get some sun.

The hostel has a resort feel to it, but with a really fun and welcoming atmosphere. We made lots of friends during our time here, and really enjoyed the company of the staff, as well. They seem to really enjoy their jobs, and they love interacting and joking around with the guests. If we ever return to Palomino, we will most definitely be staying here again. The location is perfect and it’s really affordable if you’re a traveller on a budget like us.

Thanks for checking out our post! We haven’t been posting as frequently lately, but if you subscribe you’ll be notified whenever we do get around to them! One of our New Year’s resolutions was to lower our expectations with how much we post, and focus more on living in the moment, so don’t be surprised if you only hear from us once or twice a month from now on. We’ve been spending so much time exploring Mexico lately and experiencing what the world has to offer, it’s been tough putting energy towards the blog! But fear not, we promise to post at least once a month from here on out.

Be sure to check out these places if you ever make it to Colombia, and stay tuned for more posts about Egypt, Colombia, and Mexico.


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