Sorry for our lack of posting!! Where are we now?? Egypt!

Hey fam! It’s been a busy couple of months, and we’ve been soo bad about updating our page. So sorry about that. Our wifi has been spotty, and we’ve been on the go so much. After 6 weeks in Turkey, we have moved on to Egypt. We’re currently traveling with an amazing group of friends that we met in Turkey, which has been a wonderful experience so far. We will post our photos from Cappadocia in this post, and soon will update you all with our epic Egypt adventures, along with some other details of our time in Turkey.

What did we do in Cappadocia?

So much! We spent 8 days in this magical town because there was so much to see. We went horseback riding through Rose Valley and the fairy chimneys, which was extremely thrilling! Fairy chimneys are tall, thin towers made of stone, and there’s thousands of them in Cappadocia, apparently formed by volcanic activity long ago. The horses took us up steep roads to the top of a small mountain where we witnessed one of the most glorious sunsets we had ever seen.

On Halloween, we woke up at 5am and ventured off to ride one of the many hot air balloons that soar through the skies of Göreme everyday during sunrise. It was absolutely incredible, and even though it was hundreds of meters up in the air, neither of us felt fearful or unsafe being up that high (surprisingly). It was one of our favorite experiences on our travels so far.

The rest of our time in Cappadocia was spent making new friends, hanging out with old friends (and by old, I mean friends we met a few weeks before this), and hiking through Göreme National Park, home of the fairy chimneys and hundreds of old structures carved into the walls of the cliffs. There’s so much to explore in this area, and we barely scratched the surface during our 8 day stay here.

Our favorite part of staying in Göreme was the cave hotels. We stayed in several different ones, but our favorites were Angel Cave Suites and Traveller’s Cave Hotel. The views from their terraces were spectacular, and the rooms were absolutely lovely.

Traveller’s Cave Hotel in Göreme

Well, that pretty much covers it for Cappadocia. Stay tuned for more about Turkey and Egypt! We just got a SIM card for our phone, so other than lack of time, we have no more excuses to not stay up to date on posts. We feel so grateful to be experiencing such a whirlwind of adventure these days, and are so excited for what lies ahead.

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