Krka National Park – An Aquatic Wonderland

Our favorite experience we had while visiting Split, Croatia was our day trip to Krka National Park. We did a tour with Pelican Tours Split, and had the best time! They provided a unique experience with an amazing tour guide. We would not have had the same experience had we gone on our own, and we highly recommend going with Pelican Tours if you plan to explore this area.

On our way to Krka, we made a stop at Sibenik, the oldest Croatian-built town in this country. We only spent an hour here, but we had time to explore the church and grab some coffee in the medieval garden of the St. Lawrence Monetary.

The Cathedral of St. James is extremely ornate, with 71 detailed human faces lining the outer perimeter. We love seeing the intricate details of old European churches. Some of them can take over a hundred years to fully complete, with dozens of artists putting their heart and soul into each and every detail. This church in particular began construction in 1431, and was completed in 1536. The Cathedral was built entirely of stone, with no wood or metal infrastructure in place at all. We can only imagine the hard work that went into it’s construction. The end result is awe-inspiring, and even though we are not religious people, the old churches of Europe always take our breath away.

After exploring Sibenik, we headed off with the rest of our tour group to Krka National Park. Our guide from Pelican Tours was extremely knowledgeable about the park, and was able to take us to all of the best photo-op spots. We captured some cool photos, then were given three hours of free time to swim and explore to our liking. The water was warmer than the sea water (surprising, since the sea is very warm in Croatia), but was extremely refreshing on that hot September day. We drank beers and ate cheap, delicious food (it’s hard to find genuine cheap food in Croatia these days so we were surprised about this), then spent several hours swimming in the gorgeous waters of Krka. Usually, Krka is very crowded this time of year, but because of the pandemic, there was not many people there. It was nice to be able to swim around and not have to worry about bumping into others.

If you’re debating on whether or not Krka National Park is worth visiting, I’m here to tell you YES. A thousand times, yes. We felt like we were walking through an aquatic wonderland only found in fairy tales. We will return here every time we come to Croatia. Natural, untouched beauty like this is something we are very grateful for. Enjoy this short video we put together with footage from our GoPro!

To end the day, our tour guide drove us to a local family-owned winery, where we were able to wind down with the rest of the people in our tour group while tasting a variety of delicious wines. There were the sweetest cats and kittens roaming around on the property, and the buildings had a very rustic feel. We drank and socialized with our new friends, which made the hour-long drive home very enjoyable, as we all had a case of the giggles and enjoyed singing along to songs on the radio. It’s funny how you can make new friends in a day, and feel immediately bonded after sharing some wine. The overall experience was something we will remember for the rest of our lives, and we were sad once the beautiful day was over. We highly recommend taking a tour with Pelican Tours Split! It was one of our most memorable experiences in Croatia.

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