Our First Night On The Town In Split, Croatia

An evening walk around Split, Croatia

Our first night out on the town in Split, we decided to go exploring. Drinking in public is legal in Split, so naturally, we cracked open some beers to bring along on our journey.

The seaside town of Split is usually very lovely with tourists this time of year. The weather is absolutely perfect (mid-80’s), and the beaches are the perfect temperature for cooling off. Along the shore, there is a variety of restaurants and nightclubs to choose from.

Julian had been to Split before, and was telling me about how usually these areas are extremely crowded, with long lines out the door of every nightclubs. We walked along the eerily empty streets and he told me about how at night, it was common for bar-goers to strip off their clothes and jump into the Adriatic Sea for a night swim.

We strolled down the empty beach and over to the nightclubs. Colored lights were flashing and techno music played loudly to empty dance floors. We came across a few groups of people here and there, but for the most part, the strip of clubs was deserted.

There was a lot more happening within the walls of Diocletian’s Palace, where the small old town resides. A blues concert was taking place in the local park, Park Josipa Jurja Strossmayera. This event actual drew a somewhat large crowd, which was a bit startling for us, since events like this are prohibited in the United States currently because of COVID-19. The majority of the attendees were not wearing masks, but we were able to distance ourselves and felt comfortable joining everyone in a night of live music and dancing. We even met a few locals and conversed with them about how different things are in the world this year.

After a few more drinks and lots of dancing and flowing with my FiberFlies PixelWhip, we wandered around the palace, stopping every now and then to listen to local buskers and restaurant musicians. We got some really cool footage along the way, and some good exercise too. It turns out we ended up walking 3.5 miles that night! With sore legs and smiles on our faces, we wandered back to our room at the Plaza Marchi, for a night with very little sleep and lots of tossing and turning in a (failed) attempt to beat our inevitable jet lag. Our first night in Split was unforgettable, and the first of many spectacular nights on out year long adventure.

Follow the train tracks to the beach

So many friendly feline friends wandering around the town
Newlywed vibes

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