Our Week in Los Angeles

Before officially beginning our yearlong honeymoon, Julian and I spent a week in Los Angeles to visit my family before our departure. To be specific, we were staying in Redondo Beach, a nifty little beach town located in the South Bay of Los Angeles (just 15 minutes outside of LAX).

Usually, when visiting LA together, we spend most of the time socializing with old friends and making rounds to visit my relatives, but this time I made a point to show Julian some tourist hotspots that he’s never visited before.

On our first night out on the town, we hit up an old dive bar in my childhood neighborhood called The Hangar Inn. This place has been there as long as I can remember, and I can remember it always piqued my curiosity as a child because it had half an airplane sticking out from the roof. I always believed it had actually crashed there, but the story goes that

We made several stops in Hermosa Beach while we were in town. Hermosa is always my go-to for a night out with friends, or grabbing brunch with an ocean view. My favorite bar to check out is Barnacles Bar and Grill, since it has a bit of a more divey feel than the higher end bars found on the pier. It’s also easier to avoid crowds there. Even though Hermosa Beach enforces a mask rules in public, the area draws large crowds, and personally, I wasn’t as comfortable around so many people since coronavirus is still spreading.

We decided to wait until a weekday to hit the beach, since it was obvious that on weekends, it would be difficult to distance ourselves from other people. We lucked out on a Monday and were able to have a whole section of the beach to ourselves. The water was warm and the waves were perfect for swimming around and cooling off. There was some garbage around our area that we transformed into a little sculpture. A couple walked by and complimented our art. Overall, our time in Hermosa Beach was very enjoyable.

It was Julian’s first time in Venice, and we walked up the strand to do some people watching and window shopping. Venice Beach is a huge tourist trap, in my opinion, and not as scrappy and unique as it once was when I was in high school, but there is still a quirkiness to Venice that I cannot find anywhere else.

The air reeks of sage, incense, and salt water, and walking along the strand there are hundred of spectacular creatives selling unique arts and crafts. If you are gift shopping, or just wanting a day to explore the shops, I highly recommend Venice. There’s also TONS of amazing cheap food in the are, but I’ll get to that in a different post!

Overall, our time in Los Angeles was full of good eats and lots of time at the beach. I’d delve more into our adventure in Hollywood, but to be honest it wasn’t much of an adventure. We strolled down the Walk of Fame, managed to snap a photo of the Hollywood sign, but we were both worn out that day from being in Venice and honestly not in the mood for another huge excursion. It also isn’t as fun in the daytime. Personally, I prefer the nightlife of Hollywood.

Stay tuned for a post about all my favorite cheap eats in Los Angeles!

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