The Del Prince Wedding

After rescheduling our June wedding because of COVID-19, we ended up getting married on August 9th, 2020, with a much, much smaller gathering than we had originally intended. The wedding still managed to go off with a bang.

Why didn’t we reschedule until next year? Well, as many of our close friends and family know, we have been planning this wedding for almost two years now, along with our brilliant idea of going on a year long honeymoon around Asia beginning in the Fall of 2020. Then the pandemic hit. We’ve had to make many adjustments to our plans, but we can only plan so far in advance, and at this point, it doesn’t seem that anybody has any idea when this pandemic will end. We weren’t sure we would be able to make it another year without touching are savings that we had put aside to follow our dreams. So, we decided to go forth with our lives, in the best, safest way that we could. We do not encourage folks to have gatherings in these times, but financially, it felt like the only time we could make it happen for ourselves. For more information, read our list of reasons why we are going forth with our honeymoon.

We didn’t take this lightly. We enforced the mask rule with everybody (except for ourselves during photos). This was even enforced with our bridesmaids and groomsmen during the ceremony, and we also checked the temperatures of every person that attended. The ceremony took place outdoors, and 80 extra seats were provided so people could properly distance. Most of our original guests were able to watch the ceremony via livestream on Youtube, thanks to Emerald Fox Productions, so we were able to minimize our in-person attendees. The ceremony can be viewed on YouTube by clicking this link.

All photos taken by Emily Elizabeth Photography

Published by bumblingbackpackers

Shannon Del Prince is a content creator and copywriter based out of Boulder, Colorado. Her passion for fitness, dance, travel, and wellness drives her creative endeavors. Currently, she manages the up-and-coming travel blog Bumbling Backpackers while working full-time as a freelance writer. When writing, Shannon goes out of her way to make valuable information accessible to all audiences.

One thought on “The Del Prince Wedding

  1. I think you two did a brilliant job creating a safe, socially distanced wedding. We would have felt safe attending, but since we were feeling under the weather, the live stream was the perfect option for us.
    I know you two will be safe during your travels. I’m excited to see what you guys get up to along the way!

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