Why the heck are you two leaving the country during a pandemic?

(Five Reasons Why We Are Taking A Year Long Honeymoon in 2020)

Whenever I tell people that we’re packing up backpacks and leaving to travel for a year, they give me a look as if I told them I’m going to start selling VHS tapes for a living.

Isn’t that irresponsible?! Aren’t there travel bans everywhere?! Why the heck are you two leaving the country during a pandemic?

We’ve heard every question in the book at this point, and I’m here to (hopefully) answer most of these questions, by sharing a list we have put together concerning the five main reasons why we have made the eventual decision to continue with our plans to take a year long honeymoon.

  • We have the time to travel safely and responsibly.

Since we have spent so much time saving money so we could afford to travel for an entire year, we have a lot more flexibility than your average honeymooner. We can get COVID-19 tests before and after we arrive at each new destination, and won’t have to stress about waiting for the results to get back in time. We can afford to spend weeks at a time in each new location, allowing us to self-quarantine while we wait for our COVID-19 test results.

  • We want to support the economies of countries that rely heavily on tourism.

Many countries around the world rely, almost entirely, on tourism for the income of its people. During this time of lockdowns, border closures, and absence of travelers, we know that a vast number of individuals, who often live paycheck to paycheck have been hit hard. We have many friends in such countries who are barely scraping by without travelers and have increasing worries about their wellbeing and survival. If we can responsibly travel through these countries and play a small part in stimulating their economy, we think this trip can be beneficial to all parties.

  • As citizens of the United States, we are curious to see how other countries responded to COVID-19, and what effects that has had on their communities.

We plan on observing what we can, and documenting as we go. We intend to gain insight on how the locals in the communities we visit have been affected by governmental harm reduction policies and discover first hand what seems to have been successful and what has failed. We would also like to learn what the locals perspective on the reintroduction of tourism is and how they feel about us in their country. we would like to compare statistics to policies in order to discover any correlations or, lack there of, to uncover what may have been helpful or not.

  • We have important life goals that we need to attend to once the honeymoon is over.

Julian still needs to finish college. I want to get my career since I just recently got my Bachelor’s Degree last May. And…we want to try to have a kid. Once we have a child in the picture, taking a year off to travel would be out of the question. It may be possible for some people, but I’ve worked in childcare for the past twelve years, and I have no desire to lug a small semi-functional human being around on my travels around the world. At least, not this first time. Julian has travelled quite a bit more than I have, and we have both been eager to spend time traveling and exploring together as a couple. And we want to do it before we settle down to start a family.

  • Both of us have been lucky enough to continue working full-time during the pandemic, but we need a break.

After working full-time while taking a full-time load of classes online, I’m exhausted. I need this year off more than anything. I’ve never had a year off, and have been looking forward to this ever since Julian and I got engaged in 2018. I don’t think I could have handled another year of all-work and very-little-play. Julian, on the other hand, has been a frontline worker in the service industry and contrary to popular belief people have not come together with empathy and altruism. After spending this much time as the proxy for people to unload all their frustration and stress upon, he is just as exhausted. He has been my ultimate savior/partner-in-crime-and-success as I worked my ass off the past few years. He cooked most of our meals, cleaned our tiny, messy apartment, and helped me keep my sanity through the chaos. It was a tough few years, just scraping by and putting the majority of our money towards savings, and now, it’s about to finally pay off.

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Shannon Del Prince is a content creator and copywriter based out of Boulder, Colorado. Her passion for fitness, dance, travel, and wellness drives her creative endeavors. Currently, she manages the up-and-coming travel blog Bumbling Backpackers while working full-time as a freelance writer. When writing, Shannon goes out of her way to make valuable information accessible to all audiences.

3 thoughts on “Why the heck are you two leaving the country during a pandemic?

  1. Saw your post on the Croatia Travel page and the photograph was stunning so thought I would give you site a look. Going to be interested to see where your journey takes you. Happy Honeymoon travels😁


  2. It’s amazing you two were able to manifest such an epic chapter in your Union. I wish u all the best among your travels! You’ve inspired me to take the next step with savings so I too can take a peak at the rest of the world.

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